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You will find a PowerPoint on each student's chosen project, and the original instructions for the project below.
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This wiki was created for my sixth grade students, who, with a broad range of personal interests, have tackled an independent study project in language arts. The most basic requirement is that the project should include reading, writing, and presenting in some form. The content of the project is open to personal interests, passions, and a student's intellectual curiosity. If a student has an interest, he or she may pursue it. I've been intrigued by the range of topics that my students have chosen! Their enthusiasm for this project has been wonderful, affirming, and truly exciting to me as an educator! Please click on the PowerPoint below to check out the projects as the students wrote them in their proposals to me. The actual proposals included a bit more detail, but you'll get the main idea.
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The Independence Project -

A Language Arts Independent Study Project

For this project, you will design, propose, and complete your own “A” project. This project will be worth 150 points. The content of the project should be language arts related, but also based on your own interests and passions. When writing up your project idea, you will include at least three check-in dates to inform me of your progress.

As mentioned above, the project must be language arts related, the content/topic is your choice! However, the project must include elements of reading, writing, and presenting. The Independence Project must be based on something that interests, or intrigues, you. This should be passion-based learning, a project that allows you to follow your own interests! This is not a group project. You may ask your friends to help with your project, acting in a video for instance, however, each person must complete his or her own, independent project.

Please follow the steps below to create a project. I will approve all of the projects. You will write up the criteria for receiving an “A” grade on this project. If you would like to propose further study that will earn an “A+” on the project, you may do that. If you fail to fulfill the criteria by the deadline, we will work together to decide on a fair grade for the work that you have completed. The due date for proposing your project is Friday, March 26th. The final deadline for this project is May 10th.

You will work on your project in class on C days and F days (beginning on Monday, March 29,th with the exception of Thursday, April 1st, as an in-class test on literary terms is scheduled for that day).

If you arrive in class unprepared to work on your project, please be sure to bring other language arts related work instead. You are responsible for staying focused and productive during this class time. You may read for fun, write on the blog, research your topic further, or work on your book report during class.
  1. Step 1 - Make a list of topics that you would enjoy researching, and studying.
  2. Step 2 – Make a list of the kinds of projects that you enjoy working on (i.e. writing stories, creating movies, writing scripts, or using technology.)
  3. Step 3 – Once you have narrowed down your list of topics, create a list of sources you might use to support your project (i.e. books, movies, websites, etc.)
  4. Step 4 – Begin writing the proposal of your project. Think about what the final product will be, and then work backwards to set up three check-in points. Remember that the project proposal deadline is Friday, March 26th and the final due date is May 10th!
  5. Step 5 - Type up your proposal, and bring your project idea to Mrs. Mulzet for approval.
  6. Step 6 – Begin working!